Eyelash Extension application requires intricate dexterity and must be performed by an experienced technician in order to look their best.

At She Winks, we consult with each client to design and recommend the type of eyelash extension that best fits a person’s features. Our eyelash extension designs range from very natural to the most dramatic of looks, which compliment each individual’s overall image, facial features, hair color, and skin tone. Our eyelash stylists individualize the shape, texture, growth pattern, and curl of the eyelash extension to your specific needs. Our stylists cater to your specific requirements. You will see and feel the difference when you visit She Winks.

Mink Lash

Mink Lash has light texture. It gives soft and subtle, yet definite and sharp eyes.

Silk Lash

Silk Lash has a light and smooth texture. It holds the curl, and thicker than Mink. It gives the most natural look after the eyelash extension.


The Look: This look is perfect for the busy girl on-the-go either in the boardroom or picking up the kiddies at daycare. You’ll leave with longer, fuller more flattering lashes. Feel confident skipping the mascara ladies.

Technique: Shorter extensions are applied towards the inner area of the eyes and a combination of long and short extensions are applied throughout the middle and outer sections of the eyes.

The Look: Calling all DIVAS!! Be DARING, Be BOLD, and Be NOTICED with this GLAM look. Heads will turn as you give your already sexy gaze a little oomph.

Technique:Outer areas of the eyes are highlighted while placing emphasis in the center of your eye to give the appearance of larger more glamorous eyes.

The Look: Are you ready to unleash your inner sexy kitty? With this seductive look you will make them swoon over you…let me hear you purr…

TechniqueShorter extensions are applied overall with an emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes for a dramatic, sexy cat eye look.


C-Curl:  C-Curl is the firmest/sturdiest type of curl. It adds glamorous volume on your eyelashes. The C-Curl will transform your natural eyelashes and you will look like you are wearing mascara or curled your eyelashes. This glamorous, dramatic look would be most apparent from the front angle. C-Curl is highly recommended for clients who have straight eyelashes.

J – Curl: This classic type of curl offers the ‘natural’ look that adds additional definition and thickness. J-Curl is the most popular type of curl and has a nice soft curve that compliments any natural lash. It is recommended for clients who want elegant and gorgeous look from the side angle.